Permanent Makeup: Our Most Common Questions

Here are a few of the most common FAQs that we receive for Microblading and Powderbrow:

❓ Can I still get PMU with no brow hair?

➡ Absolutely! We see clients every day without any brow hair whatsoever. We will base the shape off your natural facial measurements, and you can be confident that we will give you a soft and natural brow.

❓ When can you NOT perform PMU on somebody?

➡ You are not a candidate for PMU if you: are currently pregnant or breastfeeding; are undergoing or have undergone chemotherapy/radiation treatment in the past 6 months; you are taking Accutane or have taken Accutane in the past 6 months; are currently experiencing a serious skin condition in the brow area.

❓ Can I get Botox before my microblading appointment?

➡ Yes! You can receive Botox before or after your permanent makeup appointment (microblading, powderbrow, or lip blushing). We recommend scheduling your Botox after your microblading/powderbrow session. We are very talented at working on brows and lips, so if you have Botox prior to your PMU session, that will be okay 😊 The concern with Botox and permanent makeup is that as the Botox settles, it can shift the muscles in your face which can alter the appearance of your brows or lips - just like with your natural brows or lips! The key here is to hire a skilled injector and a skilled permanent makeup artist.

❓ What do I need to do to prepare for my appointment?

➡ For eyebrows, we recommend that you stop applying any skin resurfacing products to your brow area (retinol, vitamin-c, etc.) one week prior to your appointment. Avoid any intense laser treatments 2 weeks prior to your appointment. For more info on how to prepare for your appointment please check out the instructions on our website here.

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