What is a Periodic Touch-up?

woman with permanent makeup eyebrow periodic-touchup

The Periodic Touch-Up session is necessary every 1.5 to 3 years to freshen up PMU by darkening faded pigment and enhancing shape. With this simple touch-up, we are able to bring your brows or lips back to their full, balanced, and beautiful glory. This session applies to Microblading, Powderbrow, and Lip Blushing and is reserved for those who have previously had full appointments with Kendra Neal Studio. If you seek to have another artist's work gone over or corrected, please contact us directly.

Just like your appointment for the full procedure - KNS, your artist will:

  • Re-map your eyebrow or lips based on your natural measurements
  • Match the pigment color to your previous work
  • Restore shape, color, and definition
  • Thoroughly review the healing process and aftercare instructions

At KNS, we strive to achieve the most natural and healthy healed results in the permanent makeup industry. As a client, you will be involved and informed during the entire process to ensure you receive beautiful brows that you are comfortable and confident waking up to, everyday.

When should I schedule the Periodic Touch-up?

The results from your initial permanent makeup procedure will generally last 1.5-3 years with minimal fading. We recommend that you schedule this appointment once you notice that your PMU is beginning to fade, or some areas begin to appear lighter than others. At Kendra Neal Studio, we notice our clients tend to schedule their Periodic Touch-up right around the 2 year mark.

Do I need to wait on the waitlist for another year?!

The wait for a Periodic Touch-up will not be as long as it was for the initial procedure. We work hard to prioritize our existing clients for their Periodic Touch-up sessions. We can't promise you NO wait, but it will be shorter.

How much does the Periodic Touch-up cost?

The price for a Periodic Touch-up varies by artist and by region. These prices usually range from $250-$500, and are generally based on the cost of the full service. The Periodic Touch-up prices at Kendra Neal Studio are listed below:

  • Lizzie - $275
  • Carlie - $275
  • Kendra - $375

Permanent Makeup facts, risks, pain, and more

  • FACT: An artist's HEALED RESULTS are the most important reflection of the results you will receive; NOT results from immediately after the procedure. Choose an artist that features a portfolio of beautiful healed results
  • FACT: Permanent makeup (cosmetic tattooing) should only be performed by experienced artists with a proven history of training and experience
  • FACT: The recovery for permanent makeup is simple with minimal redness and swelling. If you wanted, you could return to work the same day
  • PAIN: Most clients report feeling little to no pain during the touch-up procedure. Plus, we use an anesthetic to help block out any discomfort
  • RISK: Permanent makeup is a form of body-art, which involves needles penetrating the skin. With that, there is a risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens. At Kendra Neal Studio, we use completely disposable and sterile tools, follow industry and health-department sanitation best-practices, and are annually certified on bloodborne tattoo infection controls
  • RISK: It is rare, but possible, for clients to experience keloid scarring as a result from a body-art procedure. Choose an experienced artist who has a history of healthy, healed results and who understands proper pigment depth

Before your appointment, aftercare, and healing

The 'before you arrive' and 'aftercare' instruction still apply to the Periodic Touch-up! To prepare you for the best results, please see our 'before you arrive' instructions. Our permanent makeup 'aftercare instructions' detail how to best care for your eyebrows and what to expect during the healing process.

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