What is an Initial Touch-up?

woman with microblading after initial touch-up

The Initial Touch-up session is a follow-up to the Microblading, PowderBrow, and Lip Blushing services. This session is essential for adding or darkening any areas that healed too lightly, ensuring your new PMU will last looking even and full. As your new brows or lips heal, some pigment might be expelled from the skin, certain areas heal lighter than others, or you may have picked at your scabs during the healing process (bad!). With this simple touch-up, we are able to bring your new PMU to its full, balanced, and beautiful glory.

When should I schedule the Initial Touch-up?

For best results, the Initial Touch-up session should be booked between 4 to 8 weeks after your initial brow service and 12 weeks after your initial lip service. This ensures that the pigment from the first session and the initial touch-up heal similarly in the skin. If you are not able to schedule the touch-up procedure within the recommended period, that's okay! At Kendra Neal Studio, we have successful touch-up results as far out as 3-4 months.

How much does the Initial Touch-up cost?

The price for the Initial Touch-up varies by artist and by region. Some artists will charge more for the full procedure and include the cost of the Initial Touch-up in the total price (one payment, two procedures). Others will charge the full procedure and Initial Touch-up separately. At Kendra Neal Studio, the Initial Touch-up price is $125, and is a separate charge from the full procedure.

Permanent Makeup facts, risks, pain, and more

  • FACT: An artist's HEALED RESULTS are the most important reflection of the results you will receive; NOT results from immediately after the procedure. Choose an artist that features a portfolio of beautiful healed results
  • FACT: Permanent makeup (cosmetic tattooing) should only be performed by experienced artists with a proven history of training and experience
  • FACT: The recovery for permanent makeup is simple with minimal redness and swelling. If you wanted, you could return to work the same day
  • PAIN: Most clients report feeling little to no pain during the touch-up procedure. Plus, we use an anesthetic to help block out any discomfort
  • RISK: Permanent makeup is a form of body-art, which involves needles penetrating the skin. With that, there is a risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens. At Kendra Neal Studio, we use completely disposable and sterile tools, follow industry and health-department sanitation best-practices, and are annually certified on bloodborne tattoo infection controls
  • RISK: It is rare, but possible, for clients to experience keloid scarring as a result from a body-art procedure. Choose an experienced artist who has a history of healthy, healed results and who understands proper pigment depth

Before your appointment, aftercare, and healing

The 'before you arrive' and 'aftercare' instruction still apply to the Initial Touch-up! To prepare you for the best results, please see our 'before you arrive' instructions. Our permanent makeup 'aftercare instructions' detail how to best care for your eyebrows and what to expect during the healing process.

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