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Permanent makeup is changing the way that people do beauty, and keeps them looking good on the go. Schedule a service today and start waking up with perfect brows.

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Microblading is a manual technique that introduces hair-like strokes into your existing brows, adding color, shape, and definition. The Microblading service includes everything you need to walk out with perfectly symmetric brows. Includes consultation, facial-mapping, and Microblading procedure.


PowderBrow is a semi-permanent procedure that involves shading the brow area, leaving a natural look which appears soft and powdery. The PowderBrow service includes everything you need to walk out with a set of fresh brows. Includes consultation, facial-mapping, and PowderBrow procedure.

Initial Touch-Up

The Initial Touch-Up session is a follow-up to the Microblading and PowderBrow services. This session is essential to add or darken any strokes that healed too lightly, ensuring your new brows will last looking even and full. For best results, the Initial Touch-up session should be booked between 4 to 8 weeks after the initial service.

Periodic Touch-Up

The Periodic Touch-Up session is necessary every 1.5 to 2 years to freshen up eyebrows by darkening faded pigment and enhancing shape. This session applies to both Microblading and PowderBrow and is reserved for those who have had their eyebrows enhanced previously by Kendra Neal Studio. If you seek to have another artist's work gone over or corrected, please contact us directly.

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