What is PowderBrow?

woman with powderbrow eyebrows

PowderBrow is a form of permanent makeup (also referred to as a cosmetic tattoo) where color, definition, and shape are added to your eyebrow area. Using a handheld machine and pigment, the artist will shade a soft and powdery eyebrow into the superficial layers of the skin. As the skin heals, the pigment is retained and results in full and natural appearing eyebrows that you get to wake up with everyday. During your appointment at KNS, your artist will:

  • Map your eyebrow outline based on your natural measurements
  • Match the pigment color to your skin and undertones
  • Use the PowderBrow technique to add shape, color, and definition to your eyebrows
  • Thoroughly review the healing process and aftercare instructions

At KNS, we strive to achieve the most natural and healthy healed results in the permanent makeup industry. As a client, you will be involved and informed during the entire process to ensure you receive beautiful brows that you are comfortable and confident waking up to, everyday.

How long does PowderBrow last?

PowderBrow generally lasts 1-3 years before requiring a periodic Touch-up. The duration varies based on factors like skin-type, lifestyle, and the color of the pigment. By sticking to our permanent makeup aftercare instructions, you will maximize the appearance of your microblading overtime. 6-8 weeks after your initial PowderBrow appointment, an Initial Touch-up appointment is required to darken or fill any shaded areas that healed too lightly during the healing process. This ensures that your eyebrows look even and full over time.

One and done (not quite)! Periodic Touch-ups are necessary to maintain the color and density of your brows. Be sure you choose an artist that will prioritize the health of your skin over time (a foundation of all KNS artists). Last thing, don't be fooled by permanent makeup artists referring to PowderBrow as "semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing." Any time pigment is injected into the skin, it should be considered a permanent procedure. When PowderBrow is performed properly, pigment is only inserted into the upper layers of your skin, and you can expect the results to fade over time (but should still be considered permanent).

How much does PowderBrow cost?

The cost of PowderBrow varies by artist and by region. In general you should expect to pay between $425 and $800 for a PowderBrow procedure. Beware of artists that fall well below this price range - the old adage "you get what you pay for" is often true when it comes to permanent makeup. Excessively low prices generally reflect low-demand in the permanent makeup industry. When searching for a PowderBrow artist, we do not recommend using price as a leading search criteria...this is your face we're talking about here. And it's permanent.

Kendra Neal Studio PowderBrow prices are listed below:

  • Amy: $475
  • Kristy: $575
  • Tessa: $575
  • Lizzie: $575
  • Carlie: $575
  • Kendra: $675

Who is a candidate for PowderBrow?

PowderBrow is a very gentle and sustainable form of permanent technique, and is generally suitable for everyone - regardless of age, skin type, or skin tone. There are, however, some factors that prohibit a person from undergoing a permanent makeup procedure. You are not a candidate for permanent makeup if:

  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • You are using isotretinoin (Accutane), or have used isotretinoin in the last year
  • You are undergoing radiation/chemo/chemoradiation therapy
  • You have a serious skin condition affecting the brow area

PowderBrow facts, risks, pain, and more

  • FACT: An artist's HEALED RESULTS are the most important reflection of the results you will receive; NOT results from immediately after the procedure. Choose an artist that features a portfolio of beautiful healed results
  • FACT: PowderBrow is a form of permanent makeup (cosmetic tattooing) that should only be practiced by experienced artists with a proven history of training
  • FACT: The recovery for permanent makeup is simple with minimal redness and swelling. If you wanted, you could return to work the same day
  • PAIN: Most clients report feeling little to no pain during the PowderBrow procedure. Plus, we use an anesthetic to help block out any discomfort
  • RISK: PowderBrow is a form of body-art, which involves needles penetrating the skin. With that, there is a risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens and infection. At Kendra Neal Studio, we use completely disposable and sterile tools, follow industry and health-department sanitation best-practices, and are annually certified on bloodborne tattoo infection controls
  • RISK: It is rare, but possible, for clients to experience keloid scarring as a result from a body-art procedure. Choose an experienced artist who has a history of healthy, healed results and who understands proper pigment depth

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