How We Determine Your Perfect and Unique Shape

One of the most frequent concerns that our clients have is the shape of their powderbrow (rightly so, as the results will last 2-3 years before beginning to fade). Brows are surprisingly integral in framing your facial features, and create symmetry and balance around your eyes. Achieving the perfect shape is critical for natural-looking results 📐📏.

With our powderbrow and microblading techniques, we take you through a thorough and precise mapping process that uses your natural measurements to uncover your ideal brow shape. The result is a subtle and natural enhancement that will accentuate your features—not too big, not too small. Our permanent makeup artists work full-time in this industry, and you can rely on our experience for the most natural and healthy permanent makeup results. Check us out on Instagram, Facebook, or our website! We would love to have you at one of our permanent makeup studios in Augusta, Georgia or Brighton, Michigan 🥰

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