Does Microblading Hurt?πŸ’‰

This is a question that we receive all the time and is a primary reason someone will refrain from scheduling their brow appointment. The short answer is, NO! It does not hurt. Most of our clients report no pain or irritation during their microblading/powderbrow appointment. Since microblading/powderbrow is a tattoo technique, it is assumed that the service will be painful like we frequently hear about tattoos.

Here are a few facts about the service:

  1. Numbing cream helps πŸ¦β€”we use a topical anesthetic that will limit irritation. Even without the anesthetic, most clients say the sensation is a little scratchy, but not painful.
  2. Professional expertise πŸ“β€”an experienced artist knows exactly how deep to work in the skin and how to effectively layer pigment. Permanent makeup should not be deposited into the skin as deeply as a traditional tattoo, which results in a less painful experience. Additionally, a skilled artist will be more effective at implanting the pigment in the skin and can get the job done in fewer passes with less irritation.
  3. Relaxed setting πŸβ€”most clients come into our studio a little nervous 😚. Our space is very welcoming, clean, relaxing, and we will take you through a very thorough consultation before getting started on your brows. You will feel informed and confident every step of the way. At KNS, your mind will feel relaxed which promotes a very comfortable procedure.

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