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Microblading Fundamentals Course

Produce exceptional results from the start and build your client base, fast

Go from no PMU experience to an in-demand Microblade Artist with the skills developed in this course (coming soon, click below to stay informed).

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About this Course

We believe that success as a microblade artist is developed from ground zero, your first course. In this course, you will build introductory and foundational knowledge (online) that is reinforced through expertly curated, in-person training with an experienced instructor.

Not all microblading training is created equal, and it's a big investment. Your first course will set the tone of your career. Here is what our course offers you:

  • In Person Instruction
  • Two full days of expertly curated, in-person training with an experienced instructor. During the in-person training, the instructor will review the technical components of the procedure, provide tons of hands-on training, dive in-depth into strokes and color, and assist you in microblading a live model (models will be provided by KNS). Our in-person instruction will never have more than three students, ensuring you get the focus and attention you deserve
  • Online Curriculum
  • In-depth introductory and foundational knowledge that will reinforce your artistry, procedure techniques, and industry knowledge. The online content is specifically tailored for anyone new to the world of Microblading and Permanent Make-up (PMU). Each section has video content, demos from live procedures, readings, or photos that ensure you are familiar, comfortable, and confident with each step of the procedure. The online content will be available to you for the 120 days after you complete your in-person session.
  • Instructor Chat
  • Direct message access to an instructor (via a chat app), to answer questions, validate your assignments, and provide feedback on your artistry. This relationship lasts for 180 days after you complete your in-person session.
  • Lifetime Access to the KNS Academy PMU Community
  • A forum of professionals and experts for collaboration and support. Our peers and mentors are the greatest source of support and information in this industry. KNS Academy is dedicated to growing a community of trust and support that you will have lifetime access to.
  • Course Kit
  • A course kit containing everything you need to be successful in the course. After you enroll, we will get the kit shipped to you ASAP.

Online Curriculum

  • Introduction
  • Introduction to the World of PMU
  • Demystifying Microblading
  • Overcoming your Fear
  • Hygiene & Regulation
  • Contracts, Consent, Regulation, & Insurance
  • Familiarization with Equipment and Tools
  • Industry Hygiene and Sanitation Practices
  • Technique & Theory
  • Introduction to Skin
  • Color Theory
  • Mapping, Outline, and Shaping
  • Stroke Technique and Patterns
  • Appointments and Demos
  • Components of Full Procedure
  • Full Procedure Demo
  • Healing Process and Aftercare
  • Components of the Touch-up Procedure
  • Touch-up Procedure Demo
  • Extras
  • Photo Taking Tips and Tricks
  • Future Opportunities in PMU

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