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Conquer your PMU pain-points through side-by-side instruction and mentorship with Kendra Neal. This course is reserved for professionals ACTIVELY working in the PMU industry.

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About this Course

There are unique challenges each PMU artist faces in their career. These challenges stand in our way of the HEALED results we want for our clients. In this program, I dive into the unique problems you are facing with powderbrow and machine-shading with custom one-on-one training. This course is reserved for artists actively working in the PMU industry.

Sometimes mentorship and one-on-one training is all we need to break through a barrier that is holding us back in our artistry. Here is what this program offers you:

In-Person Instruction

A full day (10+ hours) of expertly curated, in-person training with Kendra. Training is tailored to the specific challenges you are facing with your powderbrow or machine-shading technique. You will spend time reviewing techniques and working through pain-points one-on-one with Kendra. By the end of the day, you will have new strategies, tricks, confidence, and resources to bring back to your business.

The Instruct Chat is the tool we use to offer continuous mentorship after the in-person session. You will have direct message access to your instructor to answer questions and to provide feedback on your artistry for 60 days (begins after the in-person session). Get answers and support on color theory, stroke pattern, needle configuration, modifying colors, skin types, etc. You choose the areas where you need support, and receive constant coaching from your instructor.

For your in-person day, we can arrange for you to take a model, arrange several models for Kendra, or keep the time reserved for discussion and deep review of technique or theory. The day is totally up to you!

Lifetime Access to the KNS Academy PMU Community

A forum of professionals and experts for collaboration and support. Our peers and mentors are the greatest source of support and information in this industry. KNS Academy is dedicated to growing a community of trust and support that you will have lifetime access to.

Common PMU Pain-Points

Color Theory

  • Color selection for thick or thin skin types
  • Modifying colors
  • Choosing the correct color for undertones
  • Color corrections for previous work

PowderBrow Technique

  • Proper shading and depth
  • Needle and machine configurations
  • Pigment deposit
  • Techniques for thick and thin skin
  • Creating a structured but airy look
  • Whip speed
  • Natural ombr√©


  • String mapping technique
  • Achieving the most natural shape
  • Hooded brows

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