Am I a Candidate for Microblading or Powderbrow?

Mature skin, full eyebrows, no eyebrows at all, blonde brow hair, very sensitive skin—these are common things that we see every day. Often, our clients will think they are not candidates for microblading or powderbrow because of something they heard or a concern they have with their skin type. Whatever your concern may be, our skilled artists likely encounter a similar client every day. We achieve very natural results for mature skin (we frequently have clients 85+ years old🥰), all skin tones, thick bushy eyebrows, or no brow hair at all. At Kendra Neal Studio, we are permanent makeup experts. All of our artists are full-time specialists and will address any concerns you may have. We would love to talk with you about any questions you may have and we would be happy to provide pictures of transformations that are similar to you! Please text or call us at (706) 480-8870 with any questions and we will get back with you asap!

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