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About this Course

The Online Powderbrow + Color Theory course is designed to fill the gaps in your powderbrow/machine skillset to help you achieve natural, airy, and borderless brows for every client. Kendra shares tons of tips and tricks through powderbrow demos and client case-studies so you can exactly what she does for her clients at KNS. Besides technique content, Kendra highlights the strategies she uses for executing the perfect consultation. Check out a completely FREE powderbrow demonstration at the enrollment page. This course is best suited for artists who are familiar with machine techniques.

Airy, natural, borderless brows for every clients. Create brows that you can effectively maintain for years.

Online Portal

Video content, client-by-client case studies, demonstrations, and written content all conveniently accessible on our online portal. We frequently update the online course to keep the content fresh and relevant with the feedback we receive. Access is valid for 180 days from purchase.

Color Theory

  • Color selection for thick or thin skin types
  • Modifying colors
  • Choosing the correct color for undertones
  • Color corrections for previous work

PowderBrow Technique

  • Proper shading and depth
  • Needle and machine configurations
  • Pigment deposit
  • Techniques for thick and thin skin
  • Creating a structured but airy look
  • Whip speed
  • Natural ombr√©


  • String mapping technique
  • Achieving the most natural shape
  • Hooded brows


  • Executing the perfect 3-point consultation
  • How to connect with a client
  • Convincing a client of powderbrows
  • Consultations for clients with previous work

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