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About this Course

In this free mini-course, we dive into the common problems artists face with their powderbrow and machine-shading techniques, shaping, and color theory. This content is created after accumulating experience from THOUSANDS of clients and working with artists and students from across the U.S.

In this free mini-course, we share solutions to some of the most frequent issues faced by powderbrow/machine artists

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Access our free video content, color-theory case studies, powderbrow demonstrations, and consultation tips all conveniently accessible on our online portal for FREE.

This free course includes:

Color Theory

  • Color selection
  • Choosing the correct color for undertones
  • Color corrections for previous work

PowderBrow Technique

  • Proper shading and depth
  • Needle and machine configurations
  • Pigment deposit
  • Creating a structured but airy look
  • Whip speed
  • Natural ombr√©


  • String mapping technique
  • Achieving the most natural shape

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