KNS Facials

First Time Facial

1 hour 30 minutes | $185

The KNS First Time Facial is specifically designed for those who haven't yet experienced our personalized skincare services. During the First Time Facial, we allocate extra time to conduct a comprehensive consultation, where our estheticians work with you to identify your skincare goals and needs. Based on your unique requirements, we then develop an actionable plan to help you achieve healthier, more vibrant and youthful-looking skin. Following the consultation, we will take through a tailored and relaxing facial experience, using our collection of professional-grade skincare products. With KNS, you can trust that the price you see is the price you pay, without any additional charges for premium treatments or techniques used by our estheticians.


1 hour 30 minutes | $225

After your First Time Facial, we will curate custom treatments that target your specific skincare concerns; from acne-prone skin to sun damage. Using an expert selection of products and techniques, the purpose of this facial is to get results while still being relaxing and luxurious.

What is the purpose of a facial?

Facials are effective for targeting specific skincare goals or for maintaining vibrant and youthful skin (plus they are relaxing and refreshing). At KNS, our esthetician will formulate custom protocols to help you achieve a brighter, healthier, more youthful-looking skin. Common skincare concerns that we address are:

  • Visible signs of aging
  • Redness and blotchiness
  • Acne
  • Hydration and protection
  • At-home custom regimens

We want you to enjoy youthful, vibrant, and bright skin everyday without the complex

Our Skincare Products

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At KNS, our facials are powered with Revision SkincareĀ® products. Revision Skincare manufactures its own products in its own U.S.-based facility, allowing access to the latest and most advanced skincare ingredients, technologies, and innovations. All Revision Skincare products are formulated to be used synergistically - meaning any products can be used without risk of contraindication. Revision Skincare's protocols were designed with this compatibility in mind thus making them easy to use at home with the guarantee to deliver the performance expected. The primary focus of Revision Skincare products is to addresses the visible signs of aging and promote long-term skin health.

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